Welcome to Altered Vistas
   Who's Who at Altered Vistas?
Stuart Palmer

Altered Vistas is the brainchild (or affliction, depending on your point of view) of one person: me, Stuart Palmer. I'm based in the UK, teetering into my very late thirties (or, some days, my early teens) and heading late into the night most nights of the week trying to get all the animations done for whatever project I might currently be working on.

With abiding passions for writing, computer art and 3D imaging, sound generation, film making, doing silly voices and music creation, not to mention Doctor Who (which I remember from the last Jon Pertwee season onwards) it seemed an obvious thing to combine all of the above and produce something for others to enjoy.

I was lucky enough to be given a baptism of fire in 2003 helping out Loose Cannon on their reconstruction of The Daleks' Master Plan, the twelve episode William Hartnell story from 1965-66, and also lucky enough to have a short feature on Terry Nation's proposed Dalek spin-off series The Destroyers accepted by the team for inclusion on the tapes. This received an excellent response and it was here the idea of Altered Vistas began. I have continued my involvement with Loose Cannon since then with new work in reconstructions emerging all the time.

Much to my surprise, my CG animation has recently started earning me a living, with work on bonus features for the Doctor Who DVD range amongst other commissions. You can see a more complete overview of my work here.

I'm hoping people continue to enjoy and become enthusiastic about Altered Vistas’  output, and continue to get involved, just as I got involved with Loose Cannon all those years ago.

   Empire 639
Empire 639 CD covers

Well, if I'm being honest (and I suppose I must) Empire 639 is me as well. I love writing and recording music and mucking around with sound. I used to be in a band back in the late 80s/early 90s and we nearly got a deal with Virgin (we predictably split up just before anything major could happen - musical differences, doncha know...) and I've continued making CDs of original compositions mainly for my own listening pleasure ever since under the name Empire 639, covering genres as diverse as Rock, Goth, Industrial, Funk, Pop, Ambient, Swing and Reggae. Writing the theme music and incidental music for The Destroyers, The Daleks' Master Plan featurette for Loose Cannon, was a whole new discipline, but one I really enjoyed, and now crafting the soundtracks for these projects is one of my major pleasures - that and seeing each one completed, of course!

Let’s meet the rest of the players...

   John Ainsworth
John Ainsworth

Producing, directing and script-editing audio drama has become the main focus of John Ainsworth's professional life over the last few years. For Big Finish Productions he produced the 2000 AD series featuring the comic-strip characters of Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog, working with versatile voice artist Toby Longworth and the star of Spaced and Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg. As well as directing eleven of the eighteen titles in the series, John directed the dialogue for the Dredd vs Death console and computer game.

Also for Big Finish, John produced the highly successful Doctor Who spin-off series, Doctor Who Unbound for which he had to cast six new actors in the role of the famous Time Lord. These included David Warner, Derek Jacobi, Arabella Weir, David Collings and Geoffrey Bayldon.

For the BBCi website, John directed Embers, the second instalment of Christopher Golden and Amber Benson’s Ghosts of Albion animated web drama. The production starred Anthony Daniels and Emma Samms. Other work for Big Finish has included directing episodes of Doctor Who (with Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy), Professor Bernice Summerfield, U.N.I.T. and Sapphire and Steel (with David Warner and Susannah Harker).

John also had an enjoyable collaboration with Nicholas Briggs when he script-edited all three series of Dalek Empire. John is collaborating with Elisabeth Sladen to produce and direct the second series of Sarah Jane Smith.

Prior to his life in the exciting world of sound, John has worked in the BBC set design department before moving on to magazine publishing as a freelance writer and subsequently editor of such illustrious publications as Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Official Poster Magazine, Film Review and Cult Times. After launching the short-lived ETV magazine (that's Emergency Television!), John was headhunted by the UK Sci-Fi Channel to become their Marketing Manager and Web Editor.

In 2000, John produced and directed his first stage play, Deceptions by Paul Wheeler. The production starred Jacqueline Pearce and was a critical success which the author proclaimed to be the best production of his play that he had seen to date. Deceptions lead to John being invited to direct for Big Finish Productions.

For his own company, Noise Monster Productions John produced and directed Space: 1889 - a Victorian, H G Wells-style space opera where man has travelled through the Ether and colonised the other worlds in the solar system. Series regulars included Simon Williams, Toby Longworth, Ivor Danvers and Tam Williams, and guest stars included Anthony Daniels of Star Wars fame and well-known British TV stalwart, Philip Madoc.

For Altered Vistas, John put on his acting head and provided the voice of Aun, one of the Zerovian councillors in Impasse. We hope to work with him again soon.

   Justin Barnes (dubber)
Justin Barnes

Justin Barnes has been married for fourteen years. He and his lovely wife have two girls. Two teenage girls - Arrrrrrgh!!!!!!!

He works for the Missouri Historical Society, and the United States Postal Service.

As you might expect, Justin is a huge Doctor Who fan. His favourite Doctors are William Hartnell and Tom Baker.

He loves lots of British sci-fi, such as Blake’s 7, Red Dwarf etc... He also loves the old Dalek Movies with Peter Cushing, and just loves The Dalek Chronicles, which means we love Justin in return.

He is also a huge fan of film scores, and has an extensive collection of them.

   Millie Brookes
Millie Brookes

Millie has been involved in amateur theatre for several years, playing a variety of roles from Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Earnest to the wicked stepmother in Cinderella. Her previous voice work includes recorded messages for various television programmes, including Richard and Judy. Millie is currently studying for a Degree in Drama at the University of East Anglia.

We are pleased to welcome her to the Altered Vistas fold voicing the part of Sala in Power Play. We actually think she sounds rather like Third Doctor companion Jo Grant, a reference that apparently intrigues her...

   Terry Budin-Jones
Terry Budin-Jones

Terry has spent many years on the amateur stage and even more years eating chocolate Hob Nobs! An avid Doctor Who fan, one of his earliest TV memories is watching Web of Fear at Saturday teatime sometime in the 60's! His real job is in IT but he can occasionally be found on the small screen having appeared in episodes of Eastenders, Balls of Steel (C4), Man/Woman (BBC), Re-writing History (C4) TRL for MTV, Holby Blue, That Mitchell & Webb Look and a starring turn as Friar Tuck in Chucklevision. He also recently appeared on an advert for the Playboy Channel but his Mum has told him he must never speak of it again!!

Terry plays Theo Rankin in Children of the Revolution and Sline in The Curse of the Daleks, and will hopefully be returning to play many more roles in the near future.

   Neil Butler
Neil Butler

Neil is 38, works as a Sales Director and has a gorgeous wife, Carol, and three fantastic children. They are all into amateur dramatics and performed together in a production of Oliver in their home town of St Helens in 2005.

St Helens is in the North - apparently lots of planets have one.

They will also all be on ITV in July in a programme called Don't Just Dream It which features Carol performing in the West End. Neil has been a Sci Fi nut for years, but always wanted to be the scientist i.e Mr Spock in Star Trek, Professor Bergman in Space 1999, or, of course, the Doctor in Doctor Who, hence a Physics degree and a career in research, which then moved on to sales, because he got bored.

Neil thoroughly enjoyed playing the part of Redlin in The Pentaray Factor and hopes to get the chance to try out many more voices and accents in the future.

   Anola Chase
Mystery Person

Anola would describe herself as an Actress who does a bit of singing on the side. She is a huge fan of Doctor Who and was an avid watcher of the new series and would some day like to play the Doctor's assistant... or maybe the Doctor him/herself!!! HE HE! But Altered Vistas comes close!

Although born and bred in Croydon (no jokes please!) she can convince people she is from other countries or cities due to her interest and love of accents, her favourites being Liverpudian, Scottish, New York USA and of course West coast/valley girl American!

She thinks Alison Lavelle, who she plays in Children of the Revolution is more generic USA ("quite posh I think"). We at Altered Vistas thinks she sounds uncannily like Peri Brown, the Sixth Doctor's companion. She also plays Abslom Daak’s doomed love Taiyin in Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer.

   Aaron J. Climas
Aaron J. Climas

Aaron J. Climas is a strange and mystical creature from Australia. He is currently studying Maya 3D  animation, and has no acting talent. This, however, rarely stops him from having a go at doing all kinds of acting parts in lots of various productions.

His current ambitions include getting into 3D animation full time, and his girlfriend Hannah. Currently, however, he is producing animation for television and magazines freelance, but suspects he will earn more money when he knows how to use the tool of animation.

At this moment he has a few projects on the go, and most of the latest information about them can be found at www.eregullia.com. Come in and have a look, it's updated every Friday.

Oh, and he runs the local Doctor Who club in the South East of South Australia. Members so far include a small dog, a sheep and two farmers. He hopes to have his own convention sometime and has already invited Peter Davison's hat. He is still waiting for a reply.

For Altered Vistas, he voiced the part of junior archivist Saf in The Archives of Phryne.

   Terry Cooper
Terry Cooper

Originally from London, now living in South Wales, Terry has been an avid Who fan since the days of Jon Pertwee. He is an artist and illustrator, working on CD covers and novels for Pendragon Press and Hadesgate Publications.

Aside from this, he has been a background extra in such productions as Without Motive, Outlaw, Casualty and more recently, the first episode of Torchwood. In the early 1990's he was a member of a rap group called Best Shot, which toured with East 17 and played Wembley Arena for Smash Hits.

Terry has designed and built costumes for BBV's spin-off video Cyberon, which featured monsters in instantly recognisable helmets and jumpsuits! He has also provided voiceover work for local recording studios and animators, and has a wide repertoire of accents and impressions under his belt. Presently, he is concentrating on his latest endeavours: a major sci-fi TV series in development, a feature-length CGI superhero movie, an animated sitcom and his first novel, entitled KANGAZANG!, which will be published in June of 2008.

Terry plays the part of Jonathan Ladiver in The Curse Of The Daleks and General Karinis in Star Tigers Chapter One.

   Jon Crowley
Jon Crowley

Troughton? Pertwee? Baker? Who do they think they are, the youngsters on this website who think they can go far enough back into history to discuss the supposed merits of the upstarts, yea, pretenders, who would usurp the position of the mighty?

There was only one True Doctor - the great William Hartnell. He looked like a Time Lord. He looked like the type of character who was born to travel through Time, and could right wrongs, destroy baddies, save planets and so on. He was cold, arrogant, even frightening -- but you knew that if he were on your side you were okay. In short, he looked and acted what he was - a Hero.

Shame on you - all of you - for putting up with mere shadows of the Real Thing! The Original, and still the Greatest.

However - some more about me...

I am a keen - some would say obsessed - amateur actor, who loves doing voiceover work, mainly because you don't have to learn the lines, or remember where on the stage you ought to be at any given moment. I haven't watched Doctor Who for some years -- see above for explanation -- but had great fun with Redway (if you follow me) in Curse of the Daleks.

I enjoy water-skiing and apple crumble. With custard, if possible. Thankyou.

   Jonathan Dabinett
Jonathan Dabinett

I am Jonathan Dabinett (aka jonnyd) and my last acting role was in a production of Aladdin at High Ham Village Primary School. I am now in my mid-thirties and a father of three young children.

My first memory of Doctor Who is the chicken from City of Death, or is it the Daleks from Destiny of the Daleks? It’s a good question, which came first the chicken or the Dalek? (If only i could think of a punch line.) I have been a keen fan of Altered Vistas ever since I discovered them from a post on the Loose Cannon forum and am very pleased to have been chosen to perform in Star Tigers Chapter One as the Draconian Immigration Officer. I look forward to the next audition.

   Richard Dadd
Richard Dadd

Among Richard Dadd’s list of favourite things in the world, Doctor Who and ‘doing silly voices’ feature very highly (as also do British sitcoms, drinking tea, and the music of Joanna Newsom). But it is for the two former reasons that he is useful to Altered Vistas.

His first AV role was Lurr in The Pentaray Factor. He later played Julius and Dave in Children of the Revolution, and a slew of minor characters in The Archives of Phryne. Meanwhile, Curse of the Daleks saw him playing Bob Slater and, most recently, he starred as Zet in Legacy of Yesteryear. However, by far his favourite role is Abslom Daak in Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer, Star Tigers Chapter One and Chapter Two. He is fairly sure he will never get to play a hulking muscly action hero ever again.

Away from Altered Vistas, Richard writes and performs a nationally award-nominated radio sitcom called Konkers for regional Kent station CSR FM, and maintains a mock website for the fictional University of Konkerbury to accompany the series. He can also be found doing stand-up comedy and making low budget films in the Canterbury area. He writes lots. Usually at about 3am.

   Louise da Silva
Another Mystery Person

Based in the UK, Louise isn't a keen actor at all, amateur or otherwise, instead preferring to concentrate her vocal talents in the classroom as a secondary school Geography teacher. However, I was able to persuade her to voice the Amarylls for me in The Amaryll Challenge, and I am extremely pleased with the result. After a lot of vocal processing (plus modulating her voice against my own) to make the plants sound as unlike her own voice as I could manage, she too was happy with the result!

   Roger M. Dilley
Roger Dilley

Roger M Dilley , AKA Rainbow Roger, AKA That short, fat, hairy bloke who, when he was a kid, wanted to grow up to be a Dalek.

Roger has been a lifelong fan of Doctor Who, having been sat in front of the telly gurgling in his high chair from the the very first episode onwards. The days of gurgling are long gone, but with such short legs, most chairs are still too high for him.

He has had a varied selection of roles to do with Doctor Who. From Dalek operator in Dimensions in Time (What do you mean, “There wasn’t a Dalek in that”? Oh yes, there was! Sadly due to copyright difficulties Roger’s greatest moment ended up on the cutting room floor)... to playing the Seventh Doctor in the Domnitemporal Services/ Rubberburlesque comedy The Few Doctors. For which he had to shave off his beloved beard. The things this man will do for his art!

He is very pleased to lend his vocal talents to Altered Vistas’ productions. Especially as he gets to at last realise his long unfulfilled dream of becoming a Dalek on the telly, (if only vocally!) for our production of Impasse, where he also plays Zerovian Councillor Var. Roger returns to the AV fold to voice a different sort of Dalek (one of the original humanoid ones) in Legacy of Yesteryear where he plays Yvric and again for the final Dalek Chronicle The Road to Conflict where he voiced all the Daleks (apart from the Emperor) and also the part of Mr Grant.

   Edward Gore
Edward Gore

Edward Gore is inexorably working toward his goal of becoming a professional voice actor for animated features, audioplays, books and videogames. (He just needs to make it to where the work IS.) He's been an actor off and on for the last twenty years in local stage productions, and is starting to make bigger inroads into internet audiodrama. He's currently appearing regularly in Star Trek: Outpost as Captain Montaine Buchanan at Giant Gnome Productions. And of course, Vol Mercurius in Altered Vistas' Production of Star Tigers Chapter Two.

Edward's been a Doctor Who fan for very nearly thirty years, back when he used to tape them on local public stations on a tiny black and white TV festooned with wire hangers in the early 80's. His ultimate pipe dream as an actor is, by way of animated features and games, to get a chance to voice a recurring character for Big Finish Productions' Doctor Who stories. And thereby have a window open whereby he could get a chance to audition for the part of The Doctor at the BBC. Who knows...  It seemed to work for Tennant, right?

Otherwise, Edward writes, reads, watches entirely too many movies, television shows and cartoons... Or at least more than could be considered healthy. And is trying to save to move to California (where the work is) from North Carolina (where it isn't) by hunting for a better job in his field. He's a trained actor and graphic artist, as well as amateur hypnotist and speaker. Finally, he maintains that US, Japanese and British television, cartoons, video games, comics, role-playing games, the internet, sci-fi, fantasy, an open and uninhibited mind and very possibly Chinese food are corruptive influences, destructive to personality and imagination, and proudly offers himself as an example.

   Colin Gunn (dubber)
Colin Gunn

Colin is 46 years old, born and bred in the Potteries (Stoke-on-Trent) who's earliest recollection of Doctor Who was seeing the Daleks surround the first Doctor way back in 1963. He was three at the time, and his parents later told him that he was mesmerised by the Daleks!

He used to work at The Gladstone Pottery Museum in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, where, during his time there, he was lucky enough to be able to see them film the Potbank scenes with Colin Baker, for the final episodes of the Trial of a Time Lord story arc.

Some years back he was heavily involved in fandom of the Star Trek kind, and has always, in one form or another, been helping fans of both Trek and Doctor Who in what ever form he could. “Now,” he says,  “I am part of what has to be the best fan produced Doctor Who adventures around, helping fans once more to enjoy the best of British Fandom.”

   Havi Ibrahim
Havi Ibrahim

As well as being Stuart’s best mate, Havi is also Stuart’s business partner in Splash Animations. Splash animations created the world’s first animated Kurdish film entitled The Legend of Kawa the Blacksmith. Originally trained in sculpture and Fine Art, he now works almost exclusively in film and design.

His knowledge of Doctor Who is fairly limited, though Stuart has endeavoured to give him basic training so he can tell his Hartnells from his Tennants. He actually prefers the Daleks to the various Doctors, but suspects he isn’t alone.

Havi voices the bizarre alien policeman in Star Tigers Chapter Two: With Friends Like These as well as Ibrid in Emissaries of Jevo and is always keen to exercise his vocal muscles. Perhaps it’s about time we had some Kurdish Daleks?!

   Anne Lister
Anne Lister

Anne Lister is better known as a singer and songwriter, working mostly on the folk music circuit. She has, however, cherished thespian ambitions for some time and her most memorable acting moments up to this involvement with Altered Vistas have been performing as King Lear at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (for one scene and one night only) and appearing as a pub landlady from 1794 in Tunbridge Wells in July 2004.

Time Lords and Daleks have become more a part of her everyday reality since her marriage to Steve Purbrick (also in July 2004) but she does claim to have been one of the earliest to take refuge behind the sofa when the first Daleks appeared on tv.

For Altered Vistas she plays the brave and resourceful Mirva in The Pentaray Factor and the Doctor’s companion Izzy Sinclair in Children of the Revolution.

   Rebecca McCarthy
Mystery Person

Rebecca has been voice acting online for over nine years, spanning a variety of media including animation, games, and audio drama. This has included the AGDI remake of King's Quest II as the child version of Graham, and Sabrina in the audio drama version of the web comic Sabrina online.

In her spare time she loves to write, including anime, manga and games reviews as well as her own comics and audio dramas. More of her work can be found at

She plays the part of Thal Ijayna in Curse of the Daleks and the receptionist at Slash Killerstein’s Murderama in Star Tigers Chapter Two: With Friends Like These.

   Iain McClumpha
Iain McClumpha

I am 44 and got into Daleks in the early 70s during John Pertwee’s tenure as the Doctor… although my favourite Doctors are William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Peter Cushing.  (Yes, you read that right!)

My first Dalek was a silver Rolykin that I found as a child, minus the ball-bearing and arms/eye.  I remember I used matchsticks to replace them.  Wonder what happened to it…

I got into drawing as a child, drawing anything and everything.  In later years I discovered manga and anime and created a fan comic (doujinshi) with a friend, called Cosmic Bento.  After 11 issues we let it die.

When I got a computer in 2004 I discovered the joys of CG, and haven’t looked back.

This lead to me creating the new ‘Dalek Chronicles’ for Altered Vistas.

I have also produced some of the Dalek vehicle models for AV18, Legacy of Yesteryear.

I am also a semi-professional comic strip artist, producing a story for the Dan Dare-based magazine Spaceship Away, although my comic has nothing whatsoever to do with Dan Dare.  It is called Space Girls and is an evolution of a comic I drew for my Cosmic Bento fan-manga anthology.

My other interests are model-making, collecting 12” action figures, and Japanese culture/pop-culture.  I also have a Japanese girlfriend, Akiko (a very hard-working department manager)

I have a gallery website at: www.cosmicbento.com

However, be advised that the site contains nudity.

   Bryan McCormack
Bryan McCormack

Bryan was born in Ayr, Scotland at 9.30pm on Friday 29th April 1966, twenty hours and twenty minutes before transmission of A Holiday for the Doctor, Episode One of the William Hartnell story The Gunfighters. He discovered Jon Pertwee's Doctor in The Sea Devils and has been a fan ever since.

He began performing in 1974 - aged eight - and thirteen years later he gained his Equity Card, with Cumbernauld Theatre Company.

Bryan first appeared in Children of the Revolution, playing the villainous squid-like Kata-Phobus and he returns for The Road To Conflict later this year playing Captain Fleet. He also narrates the bonus documentary that will appear on the disc.

March 2010 saw the publication of Bryan`s first book, Sell Your Self!, which is available from Amazon. His Doctor Who blog can be found at http://whopix.wordpress.com.

   Andrew Merkelbach
Andrew Merkelbach

Australian actor/director Andrew Merhelbach took an early interest in film at the tender age of eight. It wasn’t long before he began making experimental action figure/stop motion films and convinced family members to star with him in “home-made” movies. After various professional training and first hand experience (both in front and behind the camera), Andrew decided to make high quality independent films in early 2002.

It was in 2004 that Andrew finally gained world-wide acclaim for his sci-fi short Curse of the Del Garria, which he directed and starred in as the Traveller. Since then Merkelbach has become a cult icon for his series of on going Traveller films.

It was Andrew’s eerily accurate impersonation of the Eighth Doctor that made our adaptation of Children of the Revolution a possibility.

   Lee Moone
Lee Moone

Lee trained as an actor, but over those early lean years he also dabbled in writing and directing, all of which has lead to him to now writing and acting for the corporate market (well it pays the mortgage) in between acting jobs.

This is Lee’s second trip into the Doctor Who universe, as while directing a newly cast India Fisher in Fly Me to the Moon for the 2000 Edinburgh Festival, he met the Big Finish boys. He was then invited to record three Doctor Who audios starring Paul McGann, where, to his delight, one of his characters was killed by a Dalek. Cue a big hammy death scream! As a long term fan this was a dream come true, immortalised via the world of Who!

Being five months older than the series, Lee can remember right back to the black and white Patrick Troughton years and recalls crawling into bed with his mum and dad after having nightmares about the Yeti from The Web of Fear. One of his earliest memories of the show is the scene in The Enemy of the World where the Doctor reveals himself (!) to a distressed and confused Victoria. He also vividly remembers watching the final episode of The War Games on his sixth birthday (hang on a minute ... why was there no birthday party that year??)

Favourite Doctor: Patrick Troughton. Favourite Monster (and well overdue for a return to the series): The  Zygons. Favourite Who celebrity story: While at a party in 2004 someone said, 'While you're at the bar could you could you get me a glass of water for David?'. Lee said, 'David Who?' And there he was, the future Doctor right next to him!

For Altered Vistas, Lee plays Leader Gry in Impasse, and Rocket Smith in Curse of The Daleks.

   Terry O'Keefe
Terry O'Keefe

Terry is based in the UK and is an enthusiastic amateur actor as well as a keen impersonator and excellent photographer. He voiced the Daleks for me for The Daleks' Master Plan featurette for Loose Cannon, and returned to play the part of Yarvelling, inventor of the Daleks, for the original version of Genesis of Evil, the first part of The Dalek Chronicles. For Power Play he voiced assorted slaves and slave masters. He has also provided some excellent digital photography, which I have used as backdrops to and textures on 3D models.

   Ben Porro
Ben Porro

Ben is relatively new to the Doctor Who world, only discovering it in 2005 when the series was revived. Recently he has appeared in many local amateur plays, including Bugsy Malone and also a local, independent film, Marty's Project.

In October 2010. by complete luck. Ben somehow ended up in the same room as the current Doctor, Matt Smith!!! Ben will be seen in a few years time in Doctor Who playing the Fourteenth Doctor. Hopefully.

For Altered Vistas, Ben played Tom in The Dalek Chronicles: The Road to Conflict. This is Ben's first and only Doctor Who-related work but he hopes it won't be his last!

   Gareth Preston
Gareth Preston

Gareth has been writing, acting, producing and making tea for quite a while now. Amongst his more high profile credits are writing the BBV audio story Conduct Unbecoming and co-writing two BBV films Do You Have a License To Save This Planet and Auton Diaries 2. He has also written two well received pantomimes for his local am dram group. He produces an internet audio series called Agents of Psyence about a misfit team of demon-fighters.

As well as acting in many am dram productions, he is heavily involved with Westlake Films, whose productions include A Man of Words, Le Dette Des Remords, The First Step and several fan films including the popular Cybermen film Deconstruction and the deeply silly Star Trek vs Doctor Who. As a voice artist he's played a variety of roles with many internet groups, from a gloomy railway porter to Dr Zaius from Planet of the Apes.

He lives in Bolton and is surrounded by a growing pile of books and DVDs he never seems to have time to read or watch. Despite all the activity listed above he feels he is basically lazy and should manage his time better.

For Altered Vistas he plays the Emperor of Draconia in Star Tigers Chapter One.

   Steve Purbrick
Steve Purbrick

Steve has worked as a professional actor for nearly twenty-six years, specialising in historic parts for feature films and television. He has been involved in Museum Theatre since 1992, and has worked at many historic sites all over the UK. He is married to Anne Lister, who is his creative muse and support.

He is also a professional voice-over artist, with a compelling, positive, and versatile style. Steve enjoys producing content for Doctor Who fan productions, but so far work on the actual series has passed him by! Time will tell, however, and he has nearly worked for Big Finish.

He could be considered an historic version of Bill Bailey.

Steve is represented by Dragon Personal Management

For Altered Vistas, he plays the devious and slightly potty Geltis in The Pentaray Factor, the noble and terribly well-spoken Dexion in The Curse of the Daleks and the villainous Axiron in Star Tigers Chapter One.

   Jonathan Redwood
Jonathan Redwood

Jonathan Redwood has been annoying all and sundry with his impersonations of the Fourth Doctor since 1975 and the First Doctor since 1981 (courtesy of The Five Faces of Doctor Who). All very useful when you work for the civil service.

He has appeared in local amateur productions, and has been making even more amateur films since 1989, some of which have been mildly amusing. He is delighted that his daughter is a huge fan of the new series.

For Altered Vistas, he voices the part of the Fourth Doctor as narrator of the Daakumentary on Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer and is the star of the show for AV17 (indeed the only actor featured) when he provides the First Doctor’s distinctive tones (as well as many others) reading Invasion from Space.

He also excels as the First Doctor when he re-enacts William Hartnell’s appearance on Desert Island Discs for a bonus feature that appears on The Curse of the Daleks.

   Graham D. Richards
Graham D. Richards

Graham D Richards, from West Sussex, is thirty-five-ish and married to Patricia. He was introduced into the worlds of Doctor Who by his parents (very big Who fans) at the age of just one year and two months, and remembers it very clearly! The Wirrn were attacking Space Station Nerva at that time, and it made quite an impression on him. It was obvious, way back then, that he was going to be a lifelong fan.

At school he wrote plays that friends would act out, being either recorded as audio-dramas on cassette, or run as photo stories. He loved the idea of voice-acting and stepping into the shoes of different characters. His drama teacher made him promise that he’d go to acting school, but life took him elsewhere. He did however continue to plunge himself into different roles when he headed an ambitious Live-Roleplaying club in Sussex. This was very popular, and earned him a thirty minute documentary on prime-time telly... which even managed a repeat!

Now, he co-runs the official BBC Tripods society (yes the show that was intended to replace Doctor Who as Britain’s #1 Sci Fi adventure series!) As with Who, The Tripods has a very special place in his heart and he’s thrilled to be so personally involved with it.

He also loves the 1980’s Day of the Triffids, Robin of Sherwood and Blake’s 7, and has a soft spot for the American TV series of War of the Worlds and is praying that someone releases Knights of God and, The One Game on DVD. Remember those?

He’s also a miniature sculptor/caster and multi-media graphic artist. He writes fantasy and Science fiction stories, collects ZX Spectrum games, and helps to publish new software on classic computer systems.

Should he also add that he likes cute things and soft-toys? Naa, best leave that bit out!

For Altered Vistas he plays Salander in Star Tigers Chapter One and Chapter Two.

   David Ronayne
Another Mystery Person

David once got himself kicked out of a fanzine for not taking a write-up like this seriously and trying to convince people he didn't actually exist. Yes, he is one of those people.

A lifelong fan of the television series, David has always focused his creative efforts on writing fiction and speculative pieces for various New Zealand based fanzines, and after being rather impressed by the quality of the AV's he had seen, was more than surprised to end up providing voices for Zorynx and Harma in Star Tigers Chapter One and Chapter Two respectively. He is humbled to be working on such a great project with people with far more acting experience than him (as far as bandwidth can be regarded as a stage).

David is currently an engineer by day, and an insomniac parent of two under twos by night, though he hopes things will change soon, as anyone the age of two must be reasonable and agreeable surely...

   Jenny Shepherd
Jenny Shepherd

Jenny Shepherd works in an Accounts Office - that figures!

She is an amateur actress with a local Drama Group. They put on an annual pantomime - oh yes they do, and they have won the Oxfordshire Drama Network's Annual Pantomime Competition twice and been runners up a few times. Fingers and toes crossed that they win again this year with Sinbad the Sailor, where Jenny played the part of Sinbad. She really likes to err on the wicked side by being the Wicked Witch or Evil Queen - being a goodie goodie is just not doing a lot for her street cred!! She is also a District Councillor, and receives enough paperwork each week to strip a rain forest! Apart from all that, she loves all kinds of music, particularly the 60s/70s, and totters home most Friday nights from the local pub, where she and her friends put the world to rights. Well somebody has to!!

She plays the part of frosty assistant Marion Clements in The Curse of the Daleks.

Jenny says, “I wish the film every good fortune - I was thrilled to be involved with the Daleks, and am thinking of purloining one to frighten off a few of my company's non-paying clients!!”

   Andy Smith
Andy Smith

Andy Smith provided the voice of wicked uncle Andor in Power Play, a role he greatly enjoyed even though he received no money and a sore throat, and the less vocally taxing roles of Jareth in The Pentaray Factor and Phil in Children of the Revolution. He has appeared numerous times on stage for the South London Theatre, usually playing villains although he's quite nice really.

Having tried his hand at being a TV Librarian, dole scum, office temp, ship's steward and croupier, he now dishes out housing benefit to old ladies in Bournemouth. He also has a DWM website which is updated slightly more often than Mount Rushmore.

He is the only person in the world to have the poster from "Dr Who Meets Strange and Mysterious Creatures" on his bedroom wall (although it's signed by Tom so it's memorabilia and not sad.) Currently he needs a shave and a haircut.

   Roger Smith AKA Black Dalek
Roger Smith

Roger was born and bred in the UK's second city of Birmingham. His earliest recollection of Doctor Who was at his Nan's, under the table in the parlour, watching the Cybermen in Tenth Planet, but his mother always told him he watched from the start and no one argues with their mother.

His favourite Doctor is Patrick Troughton, who he got to meet several times as he was in to conventions and such like in the 80s. He has met all the main actors in Doctor Who, be they Doctors or companions. All, that is, apart from William Hartnell and Roger Delgado. He is also a Longleat survivor, and on the DVD of Longleat his claim to fame is his right arm is raised to ask a question, but got passed by - thank God - as it was more than likely a stupid question.

He helped run the Birmingham local branch of the DWAS at one stage, holding meetings in his flat. This was the time of the brown paper bag market in VHS Who. His fondest memory from that time was ringing round to let everyone know he had just got a copy of The War Games for, of all things, a box of matches. They watched it in one sitting.

He bought out two soft toys at this time, a Yeti and a Menoptra. The Yeti went down well, and he has even seen them on Ebay now and again which brings a smile to his face.

Roger is not an actor or dubber, but what he would call a ‘go-for’. This means he helps Stuart with information. So far he has helped find comic strips and a script, and other information, as his personal Dalek collection is quite large.

He continues to look for items, which Stuart can use as extras on discs or the web site, his way of giving something back for all of Altered Vistas’ hard work.

   Darren Southworth
Darren Southworth

Darren is a professional actor based in Lancashire in the North West of England. Recent credits include MI High (BBC), Shameless (Channel 4), The Innocence Project (BBC), Calendar Girls (Harbour Pictures)and Coronation Street (Granada) - directed by Doctor Who director Graeme Harper! Darren was also in the original London cast of Monty Python's Spamalot at the Palace Theatre in the West End 2006/2007, sadly leaving as Peter Davison joined - gutted!

Being a life long fan of the original series, and being very impressed with the Altered Vistas productions he's seen, Darren is proud to lend his voice (well, one of them!) to Curse of the Daleks.

   Kyle Sparks
Kyle Sparks

Originally from Arkansas, USA, Kyle came to work in the UK in 1998 (not originally in performing arts but in IT consulting!) and decided to stay permanently. Whilst working hard to obtain British citizenship, he completed two years of training at Pineapple Performing Arts School, six months of drama at the Urdang Academy and has been attending numerous London Actors' Workshops (LAW) courses, all in London. Kyle most recently starred as Lieutenant Joe Cable in the musical South Pacific at The Steiner Theatre and, earlier this year, played the lead, Cliff, in the musical Cabaret at The Questors Theatre. Kyle was also a member of the Singin' in the Rain cast for performances at Richmond Theatre. Whilst at Urdang Academy, Kyle acted in the charity performance for the Leukaemia Research Fund titled What Else Would You Be Doing On A Monday Night? and held at The Bridewell Theatre. During his time at  PPAS, Kyle performed in several variety shows in London theatres: Winter  Wonderland, Can't Stop the Beat, Pineapple Goes to the Movies, The Rhythm of Life, One Night Only, Pineapple Goes Pop, and My Soul Says Yes.

Voicing Astolith in Power Play is Kyle's first voiceover work, but we are hoping it isn't his last.

   Paul St. Marter
Paul St.Marter

A UK-based landscape gardener by day, and a versatile amateur actor by night, having featured in numerous local productions in the small village where he lives.

Paul has appeared in four Altered Vistas productions so far. Firstly, he featured as the doomed Ruler Drenz in Genesis of Evil, then as the voice of Alvega Control in The Amaryll Challenge, then as the voice of Kest in Power Play. Most recently he featured as the voice of the Doomsday Device in Black Legacy.