Welcome to Altered Vistas

What follows is a brief history of Altered Vistas' development for those who wish to know about release dates, major updates and other such related trivia. Hey - maybe you can’t sleep late one night...

10 October 2004

The launch of the original Altered Vistas site on Topcities and the release of productions AV01 and AV02, Genesis of Evil and Duel of the Daleks.

12 December 2004

AV03, The Amaryll Challenge, released. This original release was over two discs.

18 January 2005

AV04, Power Play, released. This is the first story to feature a large cast.

27 March 2005

To mark the return of Doctor Who to our screens, AV05, Plague of Death, is released.

19 June 2005

To mark the end of Doctor Who's triumphant first season, AV06, The Pentaray Factor, is released.

31 July 2005

Altered Vistas takes its own domain and moves the website to its new home here, which allows for a radical expansion of content.

10 August 2005

US distribution of Altered Vistas’ productions begins.

02 September 2005

AV07, The Menace of the Monstrons, is released. This is the first release to feature full lip-synching throughout.

13 September 2005

Australian distribution of Altered Vistas’ productions begins.

31 October 2005

Canadian distribution of Altered Vistas’ productions begins.

27 December 2005

Release of Children of the Revolution. This double-disc release features many of Lee Sullivan’s original panels of artwork as part of a couple of bonus features on the disc, as well as Altered Vistas first live action film, which explores The Blackpool Doctor Who Exhibition.

08 April 2006

AV09, Eve of the War, is released as well as our first audio CD, AVA01 Mutant - the music of Empire 639.

11 June 2006

A major site overhaul with a brand new look for all pages in anticipation of our tenth release...

09 July 2006

AV10, The Archives of Phryne, is released to mark the end of Doctor Who’s fantastic second season.

14 October 2006

AV11, Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer! is released.
Launch of Escape from Skaro, our online interactive adventure story.
Launch of The Mystery Planet, our very own online comic strip.
Launch of two new Australian dubsites.
Launch of second UK dubsite.

05 November 2006

Launch of new UK dubsite.

08 November 2006

Launch of new UK dubsite.

30 December 2006

AV12, Black Legacy released.

01 April 2007

AV13, Rogue Planet released, and with it AVA02, Vortex - the music of Empire 639 Volume 2.

01 July 2007

AV14, Impasse released.
Launch of new UK dubsite.

20 October 2007

AV15, The Terrorkon Harvest released.

18 November 2007

Launch of new UK dubsite

04 April 2008

AV16, The Curse of the Daleks is finally released, and with it AV17 Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space.

06 October 2008

AV18, Legacy of Yesteryear released.

01 April 2009

AV19, Shadow of Humanity released.

01 July 2009

AV20, the all-new version of Genesis of Evil released.

19 January 2010

AV21, Star Tigers Chapter One: The Emperor’s Ear released.

17 April 2010

AV22, Star Tigers Chapter Two: With Friends Like These released.

03 August 2010

AV23, Emissaries of Jevo released, alongside AVA03, Warmonger - the Music of Empire 639 Volume 3.

04 January 2011

AV24, The Road to Conflict released, finally completing The Dalek Chronicles.

30 March 2013

Altered Vistas site realigned to focus more on the popular In the Comics articles.